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The Masterpiece

The Ghost was featured as a daily winner in the Street Legal Performance calendar in 2002 and again in 2003.


Granatelli air lid, dry nitrous air mass sensor

K&N air filter

BBK 80 mm throttle body

S.L.P. smooth bellows, sub-frame connectors,long tube headers

B.M.R. throttle body bypass

Thunder racing air / fuel translator

M.S.D. 8.5 mm spark plug wires

Dragin Motorsports Panhard rod, torque arm, lower control arm

Energy Suspension polygraphite bushings

Nitto Extreme NT555 275/40 ZR17 drag radials

NAPA Ceramix front brake pads, premium carbon rear brake pads

Hotchkis Signature Series strut tower brace

Richmond Gear 410 gears

Centerforce dual friction clutch

American Axle manufacturing 10 bolt rear end cover

Flowmaster Series 80 muffler

Random Technology catalytic converters

Autometer Sport Comp Silver tachometer / shift light

JET skip shift eliminator

Hypertech 180 thermostat

N.O.S. 5177 dry nitrous kit (135 shot)



S.L.P. Camaro S.S. fiberglass hood

S.L.P. ultra light weight aluminum drive shaft

Auburn ultra performance 10 bolt rear end

Bilstein shocks, springs, bushings

BFGoodrich g-force K/D 275/40 ZR 17 tires

S.L.P. 17" x 9.5" chrome ZR1 rims

Hurst 6 speed quick shifter

Chevrolet 1 LE handling package

S.L.P. dual dual exhaust

345 bhp output LS1 (over stock 325 bhp)

 I did a break down of how many Camaro Super Sports were made in 2001, how many were modified by Street Legal Performance and what options those cars had.  There were only 6 black Camaro Super Sports in 2001 that had all the options The Ghost did.  Basically I had everything on the car you could get except for the dash plaque and key fobs.  When ordered more aftermaket stuff from S.L.P. even the seales rep gave me props on this piece after they looked at that v.i.n.  But then I had to make her a little more unique.  I had Joe create a one of a kind paint scheme (he doesn't use thise generic templates like some people anyway).  And then... there was only 1 S.S. just like mine. 


I think she was really over when I got invited to do a commercial for the Tire Kingdom over on Busch Blvd. in Tampa. THAT was funny !