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I like the retro styling of these cars. I actually went away from black for once.

The Corvette has aspects of a '63... The Camaros have aspects of a '68 and '69 respectively.

Cars that actually have styling are SO nice.  Pictures truly do not do this Corvette justice.  The blade silver was so gorgeously retro, I was compelled to go away from black.  The chrome rims set it off.

If I could have found raised white letter tires that fkn big for Old 13 I would have gotten them.

Briana was SO HOT in that black body suit !  Best outfit I've seen in a long time, and she could fill it up.

Denise is back after 20 years to do a photo shoot. "Chase is the race !"

This paint scheme is period correct for the first generation racing Camaros.

Huge thanks to Joe at Body Lines Auto Body and Ted at Tires Plus.  The detail in the pin striping on G13 is impeccable.  The 20x10" and 20x8.5" American Racing Torque Thrust II Limited Edition rims just put the car over the top.  I'm REALLY diggin' the retro styling look !