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I have had some awesome women pose with my cars over the years !

A gallery of black & white and sepia to reflect images the past from sets not with the cars.


OMG !! This woman was sexy as hell with a Southern accent that was like hot maple syrup.  She was seriously like Anna Nicole Smith back in the Guess Jeans Girl days.  I couldn't even act like I wasn't after thatTongue out BTW... we won an International Library of Photography award with a picture from this set shot at Fort DeSoto.

Click her picture to see Baton Rouge 'She Walks Like A Woman' video. 


Jade Sith is amazing at Cosplay. Murder 1 is a difficult match up for a model, but she had the attitude and the attire.


 My 6'00" Barbie Doll from hell... She cranked up her game in her second go round with modeling. When I met her she was a Budweiser Girl. I was REAL happy to get into her portfolio.Sealed

Click her picture to see Winger 'Can't Get Enough' video 


 No rules...none... But she's quiet about it, you would never guess.  Innocent 

Click her picture to see Methods Of Mayhem 'Get Naked' video 


  World class physique back in the day...literally.

Click her picture to see RATT 'Shame Shame Shame' video 


 Cecily kind reminded me of Shirley Manson in some of her looks and moods.  I would have liked more time with her.  Fortunately we got a lot right real quick !

Click her picture for Finger Eleven 'Paralyzer' video. 


Danielle was SO alluring.  I recruited her on sight.  And when we did this photo shoot, she got paid on sight by an r & b group shooting a video to be in it.  She was shy but had that Euro babe heat that turned heads.

Click her picture to see Shotgun Messiah 'Heartbreak Boulevard' video.


 From the time I laid eyes on her, it was on.  Her quote to one of our friends was "I think he fell in love with me, or something."  Some women look sexy... she emanates it.  

Click her picture to see Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' video 


Very talented. So easy to get along with. She could wear any type of wardrobe... Or go the other way with that. Really versatile. I miss her.


This Latina was so hot, so sexy, and so cool, I wanted to shoot with her immediately !

Click her picture to see Santana / Rob Thomas 'Smooth' video. 


She can do erotic, Cosplay, natural artistry ; virtually anything. Hard to match up with Murder 1, but she came stressed like a 'Hellraiser' movie with accessories. Great worker !


Jessica truly looked like the legendary Sophia Loren.  She was really easy to work with, and was so sweet, I always thought that there had to be a flip-side.  Nope.. she was that nice.  But she was truly sexy, and knew how to bring it.

Click her picture to see Lynch Mob 'Wicked Sensation' video.