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Images From the 2017 St. Petersburg Grand Prix

The brand new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R... literally a week old.

It was incredible getting to talk to Lawson about the new  Camaros and having to compensate for the limitations they had put on them as soon as they took delivery of the cars. Usually you don't get punished until after you show you have an advantage in your class.   

Blackdog Speed Shop

Click on picture to the right to visit The Black Dog Speed Shop web site.


The crew of the Blackdog Team were nice enough to pose with Murder. Some were taking pictures of her and then they let me park in front of their trailer so I could have their logo over my car. I was speechless when Ray gave me a team shirt. I guess I'm honorary Blackdog now !

I went over my whole build with the team, including the team manager and their engineer.  Based on how the car had just peformed in the pace lap, I have JUST enough tire to hold the power.  If I add any power options, the Nittos will not likely hold it even though they are the NT05 Extremes.   I stll can't believe that really happened even though I have it on film.

The Blackdog Chevrolet Camaro Z/28-R car from 2016. The last of the C5 body style.

I guess I kept this picture on for reference as well as nostalgia for the venerable C5 Camaros

The team is still developing this BEAUTIFUL GT4.R race car. Even though they got punished with throttle body reduction and ride height increase before it touched pavement, I'm sure they will find something to put it on top. They got weight increases in past years when the championships came back to back with the C5 ZL1 and Z/28s