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Chevy Crew Parties

I'm all about hedonism. Cars are just my favorite expression of that. Me and friends are partying down !

Lynn said it best... "It's not the curves that make you lift, it's the walls."

Cute feet.  Awesome computer wallpaper with the Atomic Orange 201 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.  I first met Lynn when we were running hot laps behind Sebastien Bourdais at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix on the road course.  The woman can DRIVE for real !  I loved her lines, she flowed and hit her apexes just right.

This was a "Kodak moment" (Remember them ?) during a photo shoot.

I think Stacey's quote was "We're gonna get it. And you can document it any way you'd like." This was the startTongue out

Katie is most definitely the hotness. Hopefully she can be the next model for Murder 1. I think a Gothic image would be a good change up.

I love Katie's look. I'd like to see her with the ZL1. Denise did a photo shoot with my 1998 Camaro Z/28 back in the day.  We will do more in the future.  Her calendar with her team of models with vintage cars was quite impressive.


True Legends of the Sport.

Okay... Mike Graham held the N.W.A. Florida, Florida Television, International Junior Heavyweight, SouthEastern Junior Heavyweight, Florida Tag Team, Georgia Tag Team, and U.S. Tag Team championships. He also held the A.W.A. World Lightweight championship, and the F.C.W. Tag Team championship.  Mike is a second generation wrestler, who's father, Eddie Graham, also held that same Florida championship 10 years earlier. 

Barry Windham held the N.W.A. Florida, Western States Heritage, and World Tag Team championships.  He held W.C.W. World, World Television, U.S., World Tag Team and U.S. Tag Team championships.  He also held the W.W.F. World Tag Team championship (that one with brother-in-law, Mike Rotunda).  He is also a second generation wrestler who's father is W.W.E. Hall Of Famer, "Blackjack" Mulligan.  At Wrestlemania XXVIII in 2012, Barry was also inducted into the W.W.E. Hall Of Fame as one of the legendary 4 Horsemen.  That also makes him the first second generation hall of famer.   

I actually missed a few of those titles Barry had in the birthday video clip. 

No wonder Shannon looks so happy, that is a LOT of championships she's between. Laughing

Me and Blair against the Windham Brothers against Graham and Keirn in a 3 way tag team match for the Crockett Cup... let's do it !!Yell  My man, Craig "Pit Bull" Pittman, can be the referee !

Our pool parties are ridiculous !!

That bottle of Crystal Head triple distilled vodka got so many people torn down drunk at the pool party, some of the girls made me put it away and hide it... seriously. It was like that episode of Star Trek (TOS) where everybody went mad until the church bell rang.  I think it was more psychological than anything else. Thanks to Amanda for being the showcase model for me.   

I didn't get pictures this weekend because I was just letting the big man chill, but former A.W.F. and current Ring Warriors Grand Campion, Bruce "The Marquee" Santee is part of the crew. Me him and Jimmy killed about half that Skull !  Check out or to see what that Florida / Bahamas based wrestling circuit is up to.  

Is the newest G girl on the way ?

My girl K.K. loves Murder 1.  I'd lover to have her ride in it.  I'd love to photograph her with it.  You have to be into the product, you know ? By the way, that's Jeremy Formato's C7 Z06 Corvette on the cover of that VETTE.  That was the first N/A C7 to get into the 9s in the 1/4 mile.  I've always said he was the Tony Stark of G.M. tuning.

I cannot believe I met this man !!

My new buddy is Jack Roland Murphy. Seriously... "Murf the Surf".  For you younger folks, he is one of the two guys who stole the J.P. Morgan collection of fine jewels in 1964.  That included the Delong Ruby, The Eagle Diamond, The Star of India, The Midnight Sapphire, and 25 other precious stones from the American Museum of Natural History.  The funny thing is, he has done WAAAY more than that... but that will always be known as "The jewel robbery of the century".  That is the kind of caper The Riddler would love to pull off.

He is a VERY cool dude.  Since the late 1980s he has been involved in church ministry and prison rehabilitation programs.  This pic is from  lunch at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.  Bill said Jack had charisma, and he was right. He was nice enough to autograph his book 'Jewels' for me. 

In my opinion, I think  this is (financial) crime of the century over the Brinks robbery because although 1M was HUGE money, cash is cash... You can obviously replace it with cash that looks just like it.   Some of the rarest and most iconic jewels EVER... Its not like you are just gonna whip up 560 + carat jewels and go on with lifeMoney mouth 

The new World order of Professional Wrestling 1996 - 2002

My man "X Pac", aka "Sixx",  aka Sean was kind enough to personally autograph my n.W.o. videos.  Along with the Black and White, The Wolf Pack, n.W.o. Japan, and The Latino World Order, there is still a click of n.W.o. left... After all; it is "4 Life" !

And "Mama Pac", Cindy is a sweety. I wear that WWF attitude necklace all the time ! 

In the new WWE video 'FACTIONS' Pac is in two of the greatest teams of all time, DX and The n.W.o.  That is so damn cool ! 

The Gulf coast convertible lifestyle.

Dave's Corvette Z06 convertible and my Camaro RS convertible just happened to be next to each other in the driveway. Beautiful black over red combinations.

Meeting new people can be easy if they are both easy going...

Sometimes you just gotta break the ice... or at least make it melt.

When me and D.J. hit Wing House in St. Petersburg we went to party.  The girls treated us like Kings.  White, Black , Latina... it is ALL good !  We know what that belt means. All the haters can bow down ! Dominique (left) is trying to get into the Wing House 2017 calendar.  She's got some awesome audition pictures.  Courtney (center) is in the 2016 calendar.  Diamante (right) was Miss University Of Central Florida in 2015, so we had the serious all star team serving us.  We roll like that.

Even in her conservative bikinis Vicki just exudes HOT !

Um... I think I know what Vicki's next Corvette will look like.  I'm thinking 2015 Stingray convertible, but that's just an educated guess.

A fresh bottle of EFFEN and a Vintage Rocky Patel cigar. Let the party begin.

To all the haters.  'You Can't Do It Like Me'.


Oh how I love these three !

I call these ladies the "Desperate Housewives" because they're hot and usually up to something.  I love all of 'em !  I like mature women because they are a lot more cerebral about driving you crazyWink Debbie, Liz, and Bobbi are the originals and the best ever (with Vicki of course).