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Now Chevy is racing Camaros all over the place !

Chevrolet Camaro is the best selling sports car in America. They are all over the streets and all over the tracks !

"Forfeit the game
Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame
And puts your name to shame
Cover up your face
You can't run the race
The pace is too fast
You just won't last."

'Points Of Authority' - LINKIN PARK 

NASCARS will look awesome again... ZL1 is the new Cup car !

It would be nice if mine weighed in at 3,400 lbs. I can make all the horsepower I want though.


Black Dog Speed Shop 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The premier Camaro team in the Rolex and Continental series

Stevenson Motorsports Takes Camaro Z/28.R To Maiden Victory at Sebring

Date: 3/15/2014 

Sebring, Fla. (14 March 2014) Stevenson Motorsports once again brought new pride to the Bow Tie as the team scored a breakthrough victory with the No. 6 Stevenson Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro Z28.R at Sebring International Raceway with drivers Robin Liddell and Andrew Davis on Friday. The race marked round two of the 2014 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge championship, and was the first win for the all-new Z/28.R in just its second race.



The Engine

The Chevrolet Camaro GT.R engine is a GM 6.2L LS3. The engine starts out life as the same LS3 that is available in the production Camaro SS, Katech then adapts it for use in the Grand-Am Rolex GT Series. The GT.R engine uses many production components including the cylinder case, cylinder heads, valve train, crankshaft, connecting rods, and fuel system. The oiling system is upgraded to a Dailey dry sump system and uses Mobil-1 oil to cope with the high G-forces of the Pratt & Miller chassis and the Continental tires. The rod bolts and pistons are upgraded to ARP and Mahle units to help sustain the higher RPM and heavier duty cycle of this production engine turned professional race engine. The harmonic damper is changed to an ATI Super Damper to keep the torsions in check. The camshaft is changed to a Comp Cams grind and the engine control system changed to Bosch to meet Grand-Am regulations.

  • There were 21 GT.R engines built for the season, they included Dyno Test, Grand-Am Submission, Vehicle Test and race engines. They raced for a total of 27,000 miles of track and dyno simulation with the only failure being a burnt spark plug wire.
Greg Anderson and Jason Line will have the r&d done on Camaro by the time the 2013 season comes around.
Mike Edwards ended up winning the driver's championship in his Camaro.  He was making just enough horse to stay ahead of the Allen Johnson Mopar.
Erica Enders-Stevens is the baddest driver in N.H.R.A. period !

I like Courtnety Force.  She's cute and cool, but her driving is inconsistent with a lot of first round losses.    She isn't a contender in 2015.  


Erica is the reigning Pro Stock champion (2014 season). Now, she has one of the 4 fastest cars in the category usually, but if you watch the races, she wins with hole shots quite a bit.  She will flat tree you if you are not on point !!!  The reason the KB Summit Racing cars (Line and Anderson) can't get back on top is not the power, but that she keeps out driving them.

RACER Magazine's 2014 Racer of the Year, American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association All American Team in 2014, 2015 ESPY Award nominee... As of 9/20/15 she has 19 wins to pass Shirley Muldowney as the winningest female car driver in N.H.R.A. history.  The awards will keep coming.

Oh yea... She's stacked and cute head to toes too. That's the bonus. 

I told E.F. Jr when he signed an autograph for me that I own a ZL1, I'm not a passive enthusiast. Represent the ZL1s !!
Breathless Performance 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.  See 

The John Force Racing Funny Car , Jeff Gordon Tribute Edition

Now that's haulin' S.S. !

Ashley Force had direct input into the Gen 6 COPO Camaro. It's a very nice piece !
The COPO Camaros are out to counter the rather vicious V10 Track Pack Challengers.
These supercharged 327s are SICK fast !!
John Force Racing is back with Chevrolet

The last time Force was in a Chevrolet he was driving a Lumina body to championships. Now in 2015 he will have 3 cars in N.H.R.A. Funny Car category and I'll be rooting for his team again.  I used a picture of Courtney's TRAXXAS car because she's hot, she's cool and she's in one of the fastest Camaros on the planet.

ERICA ENDERS-STEVENS... 2014 Mello Yello N.H.R.A. Pro Stock Champion

ELITE MOTORSPORTS has got some serious power in that 500 c.i.d. n/a big block.  That car flat punked people this year.  But the driver damn sure did her job ! Rick and Rickie Jones have an outstanding chasis program for  the car.  It almost never has launch problems or is off on the set up.

In that class where the engines are normally aspirated, every bit of horse power is crucial.  Nick Ferri and Jake Hairston have some STOUT power plants for Erica to throw down with. The car set the N.H.R.A. Pro Stock record at 6.464 @ 215.555 in Las Vegas in 2014. That may hold up through the carburation era which will end after the  2015 season.

At the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis IN., she won on September 7th 2015 with a 6.552 @ 210.34... not the fastest car, but it was a hole shot win. I guess that was redemption for when her own crew chief, Dave  Connelly beat her a couple of years back with a Grumpy Jenkins powered Camaro. The "Big Go" is as high and as low as it gets for N.H.R.A. drivers.