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Even Hotter !


My man Nick at Grand Prix Car wash hooked up G2, and I got TWO trophies at the Street Nights car show. One for "Best Paint" and a second for "Coolest Wheels".


My test driver, Transporter 2 doing some r&d on our test track


"On To the Next One" is the theme for this Ghost.

Godfather nick named me " Big Pimpin' ".  The bling factor here earns that.Money mouth

The handling on this Z16 Grand Sport is utterly fantastic !

When I drive this car, it's so good I don't want to get out.  It was worth making the move from a Z51 to a Grand Sport. I fkn miss that car.  

Actually, each one has something about it that I miss.  It's like having a harem and altough they look and act differently, every chick in it is a freak Cry. I have been blessed to be able to make so many different custom creations.

The handling and conrtol combination of QuickSilver was rather breathtaking.  And it was SO easy to drive !

Professor Zora Arkus Duntov would have loved the lines of the C5's beautiful. I like the lines of Jessica with it.

I miss that car.  I miss Jess.  I miss Jess with that car. 

Murder 1 is the fastest car I've EVER had !
I love this angle of the Vette. This ride is just bad ass ! This is the kind of car you dream about having as a kid.