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My cars from WAAAAY back in the day before I was Ghost Rider.

I have always loved my Chevrolets.


My first car... 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS. Tonawanda 350 4bl to start with and ALL my friends worked on this one with me. Dan Nichols doing the cam install made this old school ride out nicely. Miss Junior Thailand, Sylvia W. was the model.

 I wish I had the forethought of an adult to keep the valve covers from that L48 Tonawanda 350.  On the driver's side valve cover, it was stamped "Tonawanda Chevrolet's # 1 Team" on a silver plate on the orange cover.  Just for nostalgia, that would have been great.  I would never have sold that.

I actually took the original hub caps off because I was worried somebody would steal them.  3rd generation Monte Carlos were out by the time I started driving in 1985.  The car was painted in imron polyurethane paint by my buddy Jerry Thorpe.  I could NEVER have afforded paint that was $90 a pint way back then (wouldn't like to now), but I was buds with his GORGEOUS daughter, Kendra, so he hooked me up.  

Spiker's All American 4X4 on Memorial Bv. in Lakeland cut my grand dad a great deal on the BFGoodrich T/A Comps.  That was a bad ass tire for then.  We added engine mods besides the cam, but the Moog coils and Monroe air and gas shocks were what made it hande well for what it was.  It ran mid 13s which was good for student budget in the late 1980s.  

By the time I got the second Monte I had the A-Body car all figured out.  Of course they acted completely differently for some reason, but I knew how to mod it.   

I wanted a  1987 or 1988 Monte Carlo SS / AC with an LM1 in it, but by the time I got that kind of bank, the Lumina Z34s were out.  I obviously went that route.   

Due to the untimely demise of my 1970 Monte Carlo which was like family, I found a 1972 Monte Carlo that was owned by a little old lady in Gulfport. It had a 350 4bl and a 355 12 bolt posi rear end.. You never know whos got game in the streets ! My baby, Cindy M. was the model.


Cindy was so sweet. I'm sorry I lost track of her She was a great model, but she was so nice, I wanted to put the camera way and just go out.


Yes... that really is 80s and 90s adult video star, Trinity Loren with my 1991 Lumina Z34. When she came to Diamond Dolls in Clearwater during her 1993 tour, we met, and she made a dream come true. I actually went back there in 2013 to celebrate the 20th anniversary with "Hot Shot". That was the first car I bought from Daryl Lane. I miss them both.

 Click her picture above to see her extensive movie filmography.  Even though she was actually only 4 years older than me, it was hard not to be intimidated by her presence... She had star vibe and a voluptuous body that drew attention no matter what she was or wasn't wearing when we were out together. 

Our first date in Arigato's in Clearwater was awesome.  We bumped into a couple I knew and Doug recognized her and was stunned that she was actually there and I was with her... So was I actually ! 

One thing that kind of got lost with all that was going on was that she thought I was a really good photographer.  It was different from 90% of what she did, but she actually wanted to go with my style and lose the Hollywood glam for awhile and just relax. She scrutinized every page of my 11x14" portfolio and liked it. That was very important.  

This Lumina Z was undefeated in SCCA D Stock racing. Transporter 2 and I beat the eventual champion and his Probe GT turbo 5 spd. every time we saw him. But I wasn't gonna go to Salinas KS to put the final points on him. The SCCA officials were happily surprised yet annoyed that a 3,333 lb. NASCAR template car was winning the 6 cylinder fwd category.

 In my world of meeting celebrities, this car was a magnet.  when I was shopping for NASCAR memorabilia in The Race Place in Pinellas Park, it happened to be next door to Bobby Allison's cellular phone business.  Bobby happened to be in there, and I went to go see him.  I figured he would either be really nice or tell me to get the f out of his store being the he was one of NASCAR"s "Alabama Gang", and is from the "old South".  

Not only was Bobby REALLY nice, but we hit it off.  I was in the Lumina, but still had the Monte Carlo.  I told him I had a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and we called it "The Coke Machine" after his #12 NASCAR that finished 2nd in the points behind Richard Petty.  

When he asked me what he wanted me to sign for an autograph, I said "My car."  He literally sat in the passenger seat of the Lumina Z34 and autographed the dash board.  That was so cool ! To sit in your car with a true legend of the sport is awesome. 

My 6th Corvette, code named : Black Manta, is my favorite one of them all. Just a base model, manual 7 speed, the car is the best of all the prior generations. I will make some more power, but not a big build like usual.


Here is the NASCAR 1st gen Monte Carlo (this one a 1970 judging by the grille) raced by Bobby Allison and powered by Junior Johnson built 427s. This car was judged #4 among the baddest NASCARS of all time. Now you see why we called mine the "Coke Machine".