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All of my rides get modded. This is one has got a LOT of potential. ZL1 is so many great attributes rolled into one machine.

My crew simply refers to this car as "The 1".  The combination of Stabilatrak, Magnetic Ride, and 1LE suspension with the electric steering makes this car deceptively adept at handling. And it brings manageable power to street, course or track !

This build is called "Operation : Into Darkness".  Phase 1 is designed to make a low 11s to high 10s daily driver street car.   

Step 1 -  METCO 2.4 upper pulleys and basic re-tune by Power Tech Performance.

Step 2 - Ported throttle body and HP "Jeckyll and Hyde" street tune by Jeremy Formato at Fasterproms. 

Step 3 - PFADT Racing Performance Tri-Y long tube headers.

                  NGK BR7 spark plugs, TAYLOR 406 Pro spark plug wires with kevlar sleeves done by Power Tech Performance.

Step 4 - FUEL INJECTOR CONNECTION 850 cc, 80 lb. fuel injectors and re-tune by Jeremy Formato at Fasterproms.  

Step 5 - AIRAID Black Synthaflow cold air intake done by Power Tech Performance.

Step 6 - GENERAL MOTORS PERFORMANCE PARTS blade rear spoiler done by Maher Chevrolet.

Step 7 - EIBACH Pro Series springs (0.5" front. 0.3" rear drop) done by Power Tech Performance. Re-alignment done by Team Tires Plus.

Step 8 - INNOVATORS WEST bottom pulley system, GATES h.d. supercharger belt and re-tune done by Power Tech Performance.

Step 10 - NITTO  Extreme NT 05R 315/35/ZR20 rear drag radials and NITTO 555 G2 285/30/ZR20 front extreme performance  tires done by Team Tires Plus.

Step 11 - AFCO heat exchanger done by Power Tech Performance

Step 12 - FASTERPROMS thermal reduction plate done by Fasterproms

Step 13 - FASTERPROMS SD-160 160 degree thermostat done by Fasterproms


PHASE TWO... the cam install done by Power Tech Performance

Step 14 - CAM MOTION POWER TECH XR 3 bolt cam shaft w/lifters 

Step 15 - P.A.C. RACING  dual valve  springs, retainers

Step 16 - KATECH C5-R timing chain

Step 17 - CHROMOLY 5/16" push rods

Step 18 - J.M.S. Power Max V2 electric fuel pump booster

Step 19 - Hawk Performance Street 5.0 brake pads by Team Tires Plus

Step 20 - "Atlanta 17" HP Tuners dyno tune on WinPep Dyno Jet by Joe Ferraro.  "Charlotte 17" HP Tuners dyno tune on WinPep Dyno Jet by Rick Ralph of Power Tech Performance.


CHEVY MALL vendors ZL1 floor mats and ZL1 fuel tank door in polished aluminum bezel,

DEFENDERWORX automatic shifter (it's beautiful, but the craftsmanship is junk, get the HURST instead)

PROFAB CUSTOMS Hydrographics on the engine covers and electrical box.

BODY LINES AUTO BODY air brushing and ghost flame paint ("13 GHOSTS").

XO LUXURY St. Thomas (in ruby red) 20x10 rims in front, 20x12 rims in rear, one by Powerhouse Wheels.



I thought I was retired from the game...

This is the best  Ghost EVER... Faster than G3... handles with Quick Silver... turns heads like G13... rides smoother than G4... and more rare than  G1... has every practical option there is...  However the head turns are not quite curiosity or enthusiasm. This ZL1 in all black induces fear.  I like that.


It is very cool that my stock parts are mod parts for other cars.  I remember when Ford 9" was the BIG rear end.  The 1 comes stock with 9.9" of rear end securing the half shafts.  Now that is getting with the performance program !!


Click on picture to the left to see how ZL1 showed it's track dominance by beating Ford's vaunted Ford Mustang Laguna Seca. 


Like OBrien said..."You are 3 good mods away from a 10's car".

When I added the power I determined that I needed some more downforce and grip.  Not a problem.  I get all NASCAR about overall performance of my vehicles. So... Eibach lowering  springs, GMPP blade spoiler, and Nitto Extreme  NT05 315/35/ZR20 drag radials address those neeeds quite well.  Nitto NT555-R G2s , 285/30/ZR20s in front give it CRAZY grip and more response handling. We then went to Hawk Performance STREET 5.0 brake pads front and rear under the 6 / 4 Brembo pistons.

In my lightly modded LSA power plant, I run...

Shell V Power 93 octane unleaded fuel

Amsoil Dominator 10-W30 full synthetic motor oil

Wildwood EXP 600 PLus DOT 4 racing brake fluid