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March 13th 2016, General Motors invaded the Firestone Grand Prix at St. Petersburg with Chevrolets and Cadillacs.

Team Chevy 2016 was represented by several Corvette  C7 Stingray Z06s, and Z51s.  There was just my C5 Camaro ZL1.  I missed my wing girl , Lynn. When your (stock) 580/556 LSA is only the 2nd most powerful engine on the team you know the group is FAST !!!  And we damn sure got to show it ! Thank you to the Southern Chevy dealerships for providing a nice suite and paddock area , pit access and Chevrolet Corral parking.                                                         

First of all, I would like to thank Maher Chevrolet, and  General Motors. Last year , I got Robby Gordon's autograph on my Pit Lane Suite Pass.  This year, I got a Blackdog Race team hat from their team manager. They liked that I'm there every year supporting my Camaro brothers in GTS class.

Each year seems different on the track. Last year, in 2015, the  two lap session was OFF THE FKN CHAIN We signed the waivers and just balled out.  I was grinning for days ! Back in 2014 , it was very structured with a driver's meeting, and the speeds were defined.  We were going over the 55 m.p.h. pace car speed since Sebastien Bourdais was cool enough to let us ride a little quicker.     We knew it was gonna be rowdy when he came up to the driver's meeting and spun a 360 degree stop in the pace car.  That's skill, son !

This year, there was one of the official Chevrolet Silverado pace trucks leading Team Chevy.  Since the entry to the track is narrow, we all went through it slowly, so there was a LOT of separation between the cars. So basically, we were spced out enough to just drive our own pace and not worry about maintaining spacing. Unfortunately it was only 1 lap, but it was serene because it was just me and the car doing our own thing.  So I pushed her about like I did last year. The grip with the Nitto  Extreme NT05s was GREAT !  I pretty much remember the track now ;  even the runoff areas.    

It is definitely different watching the race when you've had your own personal performance car on it.  That 9 car crash they had in the Indy series race Sunday  in  turn 4 was one of those things that you can definitely see happening with people trying to pass.  And you also understand that you are going as fast as you can get your car to go on what is essentially a 30 m.p.h. speed limit city street.  Good stuff !           


It was cool representing TEAM CHEVY for the third time ! We literally brought  some of the best performing cars on the planet.  


The Camaro drew a small crowd like in past years.  I left the hood up to show off the skulls theme in the engine.  So JUST before it was track time,  I got some hotness to pose in this picture with me. You can't waste an opportunity like that ! Two women are always more fun !

  The St. Petersburg Grand Prix Course

This is 1.8 miles and 14 turns of black top to, asphalt to concrete.  It's a great course.  Bring grip, torque, balance and brakes !

  The young lady who makes all this possible for us...

 It's too bad Kelli Sheffler isn't allowed to ride with the Chevrolet customers.  I would have loved to cranked up Prodigy 'Take Me To the Hospital' and just do the thing.  But I can understand it ; you don't know if these people can drive their cars or not !surprised