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Ghost Images

Here's some more Ghost pix... Ghost chix... etc.

Jess chose "The wash in" as her initiation into Ghost Girls. She's gonne be a great one.

I love Jeremy's "Jeckyll and Hyde" tunes in my cars. You know you've got game when you can put TWO tunes in a car !

Symbolic meanings for the owl are: Intuition, ability to see what others do not see The presence of the owl announces change Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks Wisdom The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change. Mandy was so cool... like she was part of the spirit.

Murder 1's cover picture. This is one bad ass ride !

I didn't understand just how truly bad ass GIXXIE was until I researched her more after we did this shoot. She was great to work with.. I hope she stays safe The icon... Susan had the star quality about her. She was very cool to work with, and well worth the wait to get into her busy schedule. I wasn't aware of just how big she was in the motorcycle stunt riding world until Godfather clued me in. WhenI looked closely, I could see some scars from broken bones. She has suffered for her art. It is truly a passion for her. Watching her videos makes you appreciate just how close she is to injury or worse to keep it fresh for her audiences. It was actually an honor to get her in a shoot. She actually told Godfather, she liked my professionalism and attention to detail. Considering how many photographers and videographers she has worked with, that's saying a lot. Check out her videos link. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Shannon helped me install the new tail light grills. The ZL1 is FAST, but G3 was the serious death ride of all my cars. I got the idea for the tail lights from my C5 brother, N2FIRE

I waited a long time to photograph Zulma. She was well worth it.

The 2013 Breathless Performance Camaro ZL1-R looks like Khloe prepped for a Death Race sequel.

Lite-Wing photo shoots are awesome for networking. They have some very cool models.

Awesome artwork photography I edited a little bit.

Like Lil' Kim said.."First you get the power. When you get the power, then you get the money. When you get the money, then you get the fkn RESPECT !"

I love it when my models REALLY like the Z.. and want to be on it and in it.

The ZL1 blurs the line between muscle car and super car. Dollar for dollar it is one of the baddest cars EVER. But it stays true to it's roots. They emphasize the stitching on the leather in the interior. I'm kinda diggin' the related stitching on Angelina's shorts.

To have a beautiful woman and a Corvette is like a fantasy come true. When I first saw Zulma and her Corvette Z51, "Fuego" , it was like a rap video come to life.

I shoot my own G.M. add campaigns !!

That is one hell of an awesome ride !! Click the picture above to see the Kiss 'Unholy' video.

A little quiet time between photo shoots... But I can never take enough pictures of Cortney.

G4 gave women serious cargasms !

The Ghost in her purest evil form... breath taking !!! You are the man, Jeff !

Murder 1 at the legendary Biff Burger in St. Petersburg FL with Team Distorted Illusions.

These days, unless you have at least 700 rwhp, you're not even in the game.

I missed getting Lawson's autograph, but the team let me into the work area to get better car pix later on. AWESOME win for ZL1, especially with me representing in one !!

My fellow photographer Cedric Doss is doing some shots of Murder 1 while our model is refreshing her make up.

It IS about the game. Don't let anybody tell you any different. Click Jessica's picture to see the youtube video of her own custom car.

Jenny likes G4 so much, she's gonna get a C6 vert. She looked great driving it and even better chillin' on it. Yup... March 12th 2010, she got her triple black C6 Vert...

Camaro ZL1 is a truly impressive machine. G.M. took it to Nurenburgring Germany and silenced all the critics.

Cecily loved different outfits. She was one you could do hundreds of pictures of.