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Power Tech Performance Page

The best performance upgrade / build shop in Pinellas County

3161 118th Ave N. St Petersburg FL 33716

Office (727)826-0802  Fax (727)573-0988  

I consider Power Tech the premier performance shop in the Bay area.

I knew I would be back the first time I went to Power Tech.

So being a true car enthusiast (especially LS technology) I wanted a tour of the shop.

In looking at projects he was working on and what was out there that I knew of, I came to trust Joe Ferraro immediately.  My friends  know when it comes to business I could pretty much put the people I trust in one cab.

Joe's attention to detail is second to none. People have a LOT of money tied up in their cars.  You have to be able to get things done with confidence. 

The first time I saw him, we were both on Bryan Dairy Rd. by his shop.  He was in that AWESOME yellow Vette he had that looked like the Katech model.  I told him if I had been in G3 instead of G4 we would have had to go to 28th St. just to see.  He told me to come see his shop, he'd have some stuff for me.  Was he ever right about that. 

Every car technician at Power Tech is top notch. When you've got a $60,000.00 investment, and then throw more money into mods, you had better put the car in good hands.  They get work from auto dealers, and also work from customers who were disappointed by shops that did sub-par work.  


Back in the day, Rob Downing did the n20 tune on G1 at FordSpeed (yes, Fordspeed).  Dino was my car chief on G2 which became a test bed for Vette stuff at RevXtreme.  G3, G4, QuickSilver, and Ghost 13 were all tuned by Jeremy at Fasterproms. 

BTW, Jeremy's "Jeckyll and Hyde" tune had QuickSilver so stout, I slapped a CL550 AMG back to Berlin with no problem. Old 13 was faster than one might think.  I wanted Murder 1 to have the super power and incredible handling with the attitude and bitchiness of Old 13. 


I like that Chevrolet made ZL1 with an H-pipe and bi-modal mufflers stock.  This car is SO well designed in terms of center force, down force and air suppression underneath.

My car chief and engine tuner, Rick just pumped 582 rwhp and 654 rwfpt out of Murder 1 with the top and bottom pulley combination. No heads. no cam, no E85... just air, timing and fuel !


This "lightly modified" LSA is now at 578/601 at the wheels and Tom Argue Design has it looking rather EVIL. Not the fastest in the world, but it's 100% reliable and just BARELY hooks ! That is the perfect balance for me. 
You always have to have proper lubrication for smooth insertion .

It used to be that a 10 second car was outstanding.  Now you have to go 10s to be in any serious conversation. Let's get it !