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Spy photos of the car at different locations.

I love to mod cars for both performance and looks.
Most people pushing over 600 hp at the wheels are having trouble with traction even on drag radials.  Well.. are great from 450-500 h.p., but at 600 +, they have no chance.  You pretty much have to go to e.t. streets at that point.  I decided to add downforce to the equation to help tighten up that looseness.  130 more pounds of downforce with almost no more drag with that G.M.P.P. blade.

I bet you won't see 8 of these at a local car show !

Someone asked if they could take pictures of my car while I was re-feuling with some Shell V Power 93 octane (her favorite).  He said "You only see these in magazines. This is the first one I've seen on the street."

This car draws ooohs, aaahs, wows and everything else from even the most seasoned car enthusiasts from import and domestic car clubs.   

You've got to stay on top of black.



In 2015 I had to revert to my true self and put the Ghost flames on "Murder 1". Joe Vacca threw a twist in with airbrushed skulls underneath the silver flames. The theme ties in all together quite well.

I wanted to keep her  "murdered out" in all black, but I can't look like everybody else either.  I pulled a trophy at Quaker Steak and Lube in all black.  But, I felt like I was leaving something on the table.  

Joe Vacca at Body Lines likes to do each car differently, so he did air brushed skulls with the silver and gray ghost flames... pretty sick... no... really sick ! 

Joe painted 13 demons on the exterior of the  car (6 on the driver's side, 7 on the passenger side) so of course I have to name them all.  I named them after 13 of the most powerful demons in the Marvel Universe... Zarathos (Ghost Rider), Visimajoris, Satannish, Mephisto, Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu, Set, Surtur, Chthon, Asmodeus, Baphomet, Damballah, and Zom.

Home again at Body Lines Auto Body for a final re-fit. The last look at aero package two with the GMPP Blade spoiler.
Phase 2 of "Into Darkness" has started. This Comp Action Power Tech XR cam is going to change the face of the game for Murder 1.

231/248 duration

617/595 lift

120 + 5 LSA

The mods are working out quite nicely. We went up to 578 and 601 at the wheels after the run on this day, and Operation : "Into Darkness" will end phase 1 when the drag radials go on. Bad news is it's about to be rainy season in Florida so I had better choose wisely.

Murder 1 is making 504 fpt at 2,400 rpms !  She gained 40.22 hp and 84.25 fpt at the wheels when I added the headers.  Then I added the Airaid.  We can get more power out of this car without adding anything other than colder spark plugs.  NGKBR7EFs to be exact.  

The sound was magnificent.  The resonance was pounding my ear drums.  I  could literally feel the kinetic force blowing against my whole body.  I was told that you could  feel the vibration in the lobby and that is 5 big car bays away.  For a street car that is not a race car, the sound was outstanding.  "Transporter 2", my racing buddy did an awesome picture / video montage on Youtube.

Now, after careful deliberation with some folks and seeing the inablility of several ZL1s with more r.w.h.p. than me being unable to get down the treet or a track, we've decided not to up the power anymore until drag radials go on.  Guys with drag radials are still going up in smoke without the computer and PTM settings being just right.  

I think the headers were the best of the mods.  I hear that the Pfadt design will be back.  


Look, we will be the first to admit it, our headers suck - and that’s why people love them. Traditional headers have one purpose and that is to get exhaust out of the engine. Our competitors headers do just that. But what separates us from them, is our headers don’t just let the exhaust fumes flow out at a leisurely pace, our headers forcefully suck the exhaust out like a demonic vacuum. This speeds up the combustion process allowing you to draw more air and fuel into the engine while sucking that exhaust out faster, resulting in more horsepower as well as keeping a consistent “Dip-Free” torque curve. Pair this technology with the highest precision welds, aircraft-grade stainless steel and Made in USA pride, and you have the finest Camaro headers on the market. Just remember to tell your friends how much your new Pfadt headers suck

 We know you want the best—you are a Camaro owner—and the good news is we manufacture the best headers for your Camaro. Pfadt Tri-Y headers have been meticulously designed by our engineers to give you the most consistent “Dip-Free” tire shredding power. 

It took 292 Engine Dyno tests to get Pfadt Tri-Y headers absolutely perfect, and that is why people choose ours over traditional 4-1 headers made by the competition—because Pfadt Tri-Y headers are the quickest, most efficient, most balanced headers on the market, with a consistent power curve across your RPM range.

Think of Pfadt Tri-Y headers as multiple HOV lanes in rush hour traffic. Think of traditional 4-1 headers as four fast lanes of traffic merging into a one-lane tunnel. Now which one gets you home faster? Since we don’t have the wave crashing of 4-1 headers, you won’t see any dips on your torque curve, which means you have full power at your foot when you need it most.   

And that’s why you need Pfadt Tri-Y headers for your Camaro. Because, with Pfadt Tri-Y headers, you have the most horsepower at your disposal at all times.


Do you want to know even more about Pfadt Tri-Y Headers?

Check out our Tri-Y VS 4-1 Header comparison  

Take a look at our Exhaust InfoGraphic

Pfadt Tri-Y Specifications

  • Makes much more torque under the curve, and increases top end HP
  • 1.875/2.125" tube diameter
  • Fully hand-TIG welded on-site
  • T-304 16 Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel
  • V-Band Clamp connections
  • Equal length long tubes
  • Available with and without Catalytic Converters
  • Exhaust system is 24-27lbs lighter than factory
  • Made in USA