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Cortney Rules !

When Cortney and I hook up, it's magic. Nobody can stop us... nobody.

Cortney is an awesome model.  I like our work outside MAFIA marketing.  She's got so many looks, it's hard to believe she's the same person from pictorial to pictorial.  She's hot and the camera loves her.  But just as important, she's fun to work with and works hard to get what we need done.  I've been photographing women for over 20 years, and she's one of the coolest I've EVER worked with.  She helped me win another Outstanding Achievement Award in Photography from International Society Of Photography in 2008.  I wanted that for both of us.

Rock Of Ages - DEF LEPPARD

 Click picture to left to see 'Rock Of Ages' / 'Photograph' live video.   Queensryche and Def Leppard "Live In the Round" in 1987, Lakeland Civic Center,  was the best concert I EVER saw !!  Joe Elliott actually did the  guitar solo for 'Rock Of Ages', and it seemed like he could shred faster that Steve Clark... interesting. I knew he played drums too, but I never heard about him playing guitar also.

 Coutney wanted to do pictures with her Washburn Def Leppard Edition guitar, so we did.  Jannus Live was wide open and completely empty just for us.  I think it's witchcraft, how does that happen ?!?Wink 




 Every once in a long time, you meet a model you just love, and the camera loves them.

One of the best models of the GHOST-EFX Photography era.

She loved rock, metal and guitars. You really can't separate sex and rock &  roll.

A VERY special dinner at P.F. Chang's in Tampa

 I gave her the hard cover edition of the International Library of Photography Publication in which we got her photo "Over You" published.  It was a shoot in color and b/w in Ybor City.  I didn't have the theme in my head until afterwards which is unusual.  I heard the song by Daughtry when I was running the pictures through the computer and it all fell into place. The feelings and images just synchronized.   I submitted a picture I really liked, and now it is forever. As long as there are book stores with books on photography, our time together will be immortalized. She said her mom wa so happy, she cried a little bit.  I can imagine.  Then Cortney boinced=s back with being in the Guitar World Buyers Guide in 2011.  The world was ours for a couple of years.