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The Ghost Story

The Ghost is on the brink of "The Barrier" !

On 4/13/2006 at B.M.P., Jeff almost got into the 10 second range.
60' = 1.682 secs.
1/8 mile = 7.176 secs. @ 98.92 mph
1/4 mile = 11.081 secs. @ 126.96 mph

With all the mods listed on "The Masterpiece" page, that
got an 11.960 secs.@ 116.6 mph. on a 125 dry shot.
He's about to go a full second better than I had her. That's that's HOT ! And he's got a plan. That 10 second
slip will be coming sooner than later.

I used to know EVERY inch of that car, but now I no longer hold the secrets

Jeff lets me know what he's up to.  I'm so very glad that he loves that car as much as I do.  He makes his own decisions about mods, and has made great choices, but is kind enough to ask my opinion since I did a pretty good job getting her to that point.  He's a player now though.  He's got that ride WAY faster that when I had it.   


All that and she's smart too.

Vicki, aka: Big ReDD, is one of my very favorite people in the whole world.  Here she is posing with The Ghost.  She innovated what was later to become "The G Girls".  Thank her for the hotness that's been around here the past 5 years.  Man, talk about M.I.L.F. !  Dave is a lucky guy. 

Super Sport show down at B.M.P.

Like Wesley Snipes once said..."I always bet on black !"

From The Inferno...Ghost Rider

September 10th 2001.  Joe Vacca reveals the one of a kind 5 layer 7 color custom flame paint job that would be known state-wide.  Now THAT looks like a HotWheels car.  There is only ONE Ghost, and I will always miss her.  Click on the photo on right to see "The Nameless" by Slipknot. It's about obsessing over one person (or thing).

You have to accessorize properly (if you run < 13 secs. in the 1/4 mile).

Here's my H.J.C. Fusion II helmet on the hood of  The Ghost.

Back in the day...

Kevin DeOssie shot this AWESOME picture of G1 !